Strategic Marketing

What We Do

Align helps marketers make the important shift from the tactical to the strategic.


“Today’s marketers face a dire situation…

CEOs name marketing challenges … as top priorities, yet they increasingly doubt whether marketers can handle [them]… marketing executives [must change] from promotions-focused tacticians to customer-focused leaders of transformational initiatives that are strategic, cross-functional, & bottom-line oriented.”

 — Nirmalya Kumar. Marketing as Strategy.

How We Help

We help our clients put all the pieces together, and help marketing executives earn their seats at the CEO’s table.

Understanding customer behaviors and desires, analyzing competitors, segmenting markets, and exploiting competitive advantages to penetrate markets are primarily strategic marketing activities. Whether the challenge is to build an integrated marketing strategy, solve a nagging issue or capitalize on an emerging customer or market opportunity, Align is uniquely qualified to help you.

Strategic marketers have a deep understanding of their markets, they focus on areas where they can develop sustainable competitive advantages, and they align their organizations for disciplined execution.

Key Management Issues

  • Do you have a comprehensive plan based on your core strengths, competitive positioning and the evolving needs of your markets and customer base?
  • Are your products and delivery channels optimally configured to differentiate you in the eyes of your highest priority segments?

If not, then it’s time to begin making the transition from tactical to strategic marketing.