Research, Analytics & Insight

What We Do

Align can help you develop research and analytical capabilities that will enable you to…

  • Understand your customer base to identify meaningful insights around areas of opportunity or risk
  • Develop and maintain segmentation
  • Compare your customer segment performance to that of segments in the market
  • Understand market demographics (consumers & businesses) and projected trends
  • Increase customer acquisition, activation, cross-sales and retention
  • Lower customer acquisition costs
  • Track product and channel usage
  • Understand customer touch points and transaction behavior
  • Analyze and enhance customer profitability

Integrated data analytics and research provide a vital, competitive edge for progressive community banks.

How We Help

Our professionals have the necessary analytical discipline, managerial skills and hands-on experience to deliver fully integrated, practical solutions.

Experience shows that when savvy community bankers are armed with data and the proper tools and techniques to analyze them, profitability follows.

Increasingly, data are being gathered and used in new and more sophisticated ways by financial services organizations.

Sophisticated market and customer data analytics are sharp-edged competitive weapons.  To effectively compete, you must make data work for you rather than against you.