Product Development

What We Do

We help you align your offer to the benefits desired by customers and prospects in your highest-priority segments.

A Product Roadmap provides a “kick start” for formulating & directing your efforts to your highest-priority target markets.  

How We Help

The products and services you offer — and all of their various attributes — must satisfy the needs and desires of your most valued customers and prospects.

By far, this will get you soonest to total customer satisfaction and maximum revenue generation.


Align’s product development support will help you…

  • Clearly define customer product needs and buying behaviors in high priority market segments
  • Assess your current products and services relative to those needs and behaviors
  • Assess competitive offerings and your strengths / weaknesses relative to them
  • Provide a clear understanding of how the component pieces come together to form an integrated suite of products and services
  • Identify and prioritize new product /market opportunities, as well as rationalize your existing offer
  • Provide a platform to communicate your offer to internal and external constituencies
  • Establish a foundation for a comprehensive, and continuously improving, product / market strategy

Upon completion of the review and roadmap, you will have a clear vision and go-forward strategy for your product and service offerings.