Operations & Technology

We have all heard the expression about the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing.  Ask yourself if that situation could be prevalent in your organization.  It is not all that unusual, but it does not have to be that way.  Have you considered that bank marketing professionals and bank operations people are simply wired differently?

Did you know that the strongest and fastest canoe is one with both a right-handed and left-handed paddler? With each using their dominant hand, the canoe can go faster and stay on course better than if each paddler had the same stronger hand.

If your staff is not using the strengths of all of your organization to give you the kind of results you hope to achieve, perhaps we can help you get them in sync.

What We Do

We specialize in helping you align your operations and technology solutions to successfully execute your strategy.

We give particular attention to these areas because, even though their activities take place behind the scenes, they have such a hug impact on the customer experience.  Align can help you avoid the kinds of frustrations mentioned above.  In fact, our name says it all.

Align’s professionals have years of hands-on bank operations and technology experience.  We have worked with most of the major systems and vendors in the industry.  A Strategic Alignment engagement covering Operations and Technology can be as comprehensive or as pinpoint specific as you require.  Our support can range from a comprehensive review of your infrastructure, plans and processes to a highly focused review of selected areas that you see as trouble spots.


How We Help

Market and customer understanding should ground your strategy; and strategy should ground your internal plans and processes. 

Simple concept — too bad it doesn’t always work that way.

Whether it’s …

  • Doing without badly needed products that your customers are clamoring for,
  • Missing information that should be at your tellers’ fingertips,
  • Inferior delivery capabilities that create a clumsy customer experience,
  • Painfully long turnaround times for loans or countless other maddeningly “customer unfriendly” activities in your organization,

…you can trace it back to the poor strategic alignment of your internal plans and processes – often those in operations and technology.  This is not because folks in these areas don’t care.  Too often we find they are just “left out of the loop.

We make sure for you that all the component pieces come together.