We can help your business blast off!  By providing the right resources at just the right time when you need them, Align can propel your marketing capabilities to new heights — accelerating your growth and profitability.


“Align helps financial services companies understand their opportunities, focus their resources, elevate their profile, improve their standing in the market and drive sales. We achieve this through the application of the contemporary marketing sciences, which is a fancy way of saying we will apply a mix of strategic and tactical marketing approaches to achieve the outcomes you’re seeking.Chuck Bruney, Founder & CEO, Align fsc, Inc.

A properly-constructed marketing program (resourced with banking experts and designed by experienced marketers) will help you answer vital questions about your business:

        Market Alignment

        Why do our customers choose to do business with us?

        Competitive Differentiation

        How can we most effectively distinguish our offering from our competitors’ and win business?

        Marketing Investment & Execution

        How can we most effectively and efficiently reach our best prospects? What potential sales partnerships and industry alliances should we be planning for in our future? What are realistic sales and marketing goals for our internal team?

        With a sound marketing program that addresses these questions (and there are more), you’ll put in place levers that you can engage knowing that they are aligned with your business goals. You’ll have done the work of selecting your target audience, refining your message, and determining if you are getting everything out of your markets that you can. You’ll have set clear goals and identified the objectives, strategies, and tactics to reach those goals. You’ll also have chosen the appropriate metrics to help you track your progress. In short, rather than just engaging in sales activities that lacks focus, you’ll be working strategically. Perhaps the biggest benefit of adopting a marketing program, though, isn’t just a finished plan. Through the planning process, you will also have engaged in the valuable process of thinking through important questions related to your business. This will serve you well as you encounter the daily challenges of running your business.

        You could run your business without a marketing program, but why would you want to? Simply put, marketing plants the seeds for sales to harvest. It generally takes 7-10 touches to close a sale, and it takes planning to determine where best to place those touchpoints. Building out a plan to convey the correct message and transmit that message through various marketing channels is the foundational building block to success. Proper planning prevents poor performance – hence a marketing plan.

        Spotlight Services

        Marketing Reviews

        Maybe you’d simply like an independent opinion about your current marketing function, processes and initiatives. A marketing review will provide insights and actionable recommendations in a quick timeframe, at a reasonable cost.

        Maximize your return on marketing investment.

        We bring the expertise to quickly advance your marketing capabilities.

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        Coaching Services for Personal Development

        Perhaps you’re wanting to optimize the return of your limited marketing resources? Align is well-equipped to coach your marketing team members to improve their value to your organization.

        Advance your marketing know-how.

        We offer one-on-one mentoring -- customized for each individual

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        Strategic Marketing Planning Workshops

        Now you can tap the depth of experience of one of our C-Level professionals for your strategic marketing planning process! Our proven approach to designing and implementing strategic planning sessions includes periodic checkups — valuable anytime a fresh look is warranted.

        Focus your team on the results you're after.

        We help get your folks on the same page by creating a baseline understanding of your current environment (i.e., strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) and then turning the findings into an action-plan for moving forward.

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        Advisory Services for C-Level Executives

        For financial services leaders who want to personally develop their marketing-orientation, Align offers a cost-effective one-on-one advisory service for C-level executives.

        Equip yourself to guide your team.

        We've advised a wide range of executives to help them advance their organizations' marketing prowess to achieve break-through customer & financial results.

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        Fractional CMOs

        Let us do it for you. An Align professional becomes a part-time executive addition to your leadership team, bringing a market-driven perspective and customer-centric approach to help you formulate a marketing strategy, write a marketing plan and manage tactical execution.

        Apply the on-demand model to sales & marketing.

        Forward-thinking companies have made use of on-demand executives to manage accounting and finance, human resources, and IT for years. Why not marketing?

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        Today’s best‐run companies understand that “marketing” is not synonymous with “advertising.” Beyond preparing an annual marketing plan, they take a deep and objective look at their marketing strategies, organizations and operations on a systematic basis. They continually strive to develop core competencies in the contemporary marketing sciences intertwining critical customer‐facing functions with proven technologies and best practices. From Strategic Marketing, by Barton A. Weitz

        Start With a Marketing & Communications Review

        A comprehensive, systematic, independent, and periodic examination of your company’s — or business unit’s — marketing environment, objectives, strategies, and activities with a view of determining problem areas and opportunities and recommending a plan of action to improve your company’s marketing performance.

        Advance Your Organization's Marketing Capabilities

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        • Examine the key areas of marketing competency where new ideas and practical recommendations for improvement will have the biggest impact on growth
        • Review all aspects of your marketing and communications function and identify current strengths and opportunities for improvement
        • Define an action plan that prioritizes investments, timelines & resources for building a best practices Marketing & Communications function
        • Provide periodic support to help you implement the plan and maintain momentum