Delivery System Optimization

What We Do

Align has the expertise to help you examine in great detail all the facets of your delivery system strategy (face-to-face and faceless). Even more important, we have the hands on, real world experience in each of the critical customer touch points to help you revitalize any of your delivery system channels.

A comprehensive Delivery Channel Optimization Plan will address the delivery channel preferences of all your market segments, help you align your delivery channels to match the needs of your highest priority market segments and provide prioritized steps for execution to accelerate profitable growth.

How We Help

Delivery system optimization is key to any growth and profitability strategy.

Today, mixed delivery channel users make up the largest customer group in financial services meaning a delivery strategy that optimizes all of a company’s distribution channels will be most successful.  The strategy must be one that integrates all customer touch points, whether “face-to-face” or “faceless,” so that customers’ experiences will have the same look and feel of your brand regardless of how they choose to do business with you.

If you don’t position your organization now to effectively compete with the leaders on the delivery front, you will find that your growth and profitability challenges will only get worse.

Regulatory changes are chewing up resources.  Smaller financial institutions have been slow in adopting alternative delivery options.  What were previously described as “alternative” delivery channels are fast becoming “preferred” channels.  What’s more, your competition now isn’t just among financial institutions.

Disruptors are aggressively trying to take over the traditional financial institution market space — and they are having lots of success.  Consider the recent experiences of major players in other industries such as Blockbuster, Borders, and Tower Records who found themselves out in the cold.  This is not where you want to find your organization.

Experience shows that when savvy community bankers are armed with data and the proper tools and techniques to analyze them, profitability follows.

Increasingly, data are being gathered and used in new and more sophisticated ways by financial services organizations.  Sophisticated market and customer data analytics are sharp-edged competitive weapons.  To effectively compete, you must make data work for you rather than against you.