Customer Experience Management


Consumers and businesses are no longer loyal to their financial service providers.  Instead, they’re are shopping for value and transferring larger portions of their business from one provider to another with little concern for fidelity.  And, why not? They have a wider array of choices than ever before from an expanding and diverse pool of capable providers who are transforming themselves into convenient, lifestyle-oriented partners. 

Three rapidly arising stimuluses are adding fuel to the fire:

New Technologies

Big Banks & Disruptors Are Getting Tech Right

The rapid deployment of new technologies (enriched with extensive data) and content marketing techniques have added remarkable precision to a marketer's arsenal.

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Evolving Demographics

Big Banks & Disruptors Are Winning in Growth Segments

Millennials represent the biggest growth potential for retail banks, but also pose much higher risk of attrition.

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Online Channels

Regaining Customer Intimacy

Businesses (and other organizations) that can figure out how to adapt to an integrated face-to-face and online user experience will thrive. Those that cannot will become irrelevant.

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The good news is that straightforward “customer experience” management processes are now accessible for community-focused financial services companies to truly manage this process. 

Today, a rising number of forward-thinking community bank and credit union managers are securing their top management’s commitment for the investment in this new way of doing things.  What’s more, research shows that these customer experience management processes are helping these organizations to stand out from the larger banks and disruptors to build longer-lasting and more profitable customer relationships.


Build rock-solid relationships with your highest-priority customers by managing their experiences with your organization and brand.