Align’s core competencies are in three key areas:

  • Market-Based Growth & Profitability Strategy

    Align can help you build an effective market-based growth strategy and roadmap — custom-crafted to address your most critical needs.

  • Organizational Alignment & Effectiveness

    Getting people lined up behind the strategy is essential for success. Align brings a broad range of experiences and consistent, thoughtful approaches to helping clients solve some of their thorniest organizational problems.

  • Execution Support

    We stick with you to help you with execution — adjusting our plan to ensure you’re successful. Check out our Fractional CMO services.

“In today’s business environment, strategy has never been more important.  Yet research shows that most companies fail to execute strategy successfully.”

— Robert S. Kaplan and David P. Norton, The Strategy Focused Organization.

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What We Do

We work collaboratively with our clients to create solutions that unify the organization and establish an agreed upon direction.

Market-Based Growth & Profitability Strategy

Knowing where you’re going and having a clear plan for getting there is critical.

Align can help you build an effective market-based growth strategy and roadmap — custom-crafted to address your most critical needs.


Market-Driven & Customer-Focused Principles Set the Stage.

What makes certain groups of people buy your products and services and gravitate to your brand?

Organizational Alignment & Effectiveness Consulting

A culture of sustained organizational effectiveness is essential for creating a high-performance organization.

Most of the executives we encounter would not deny the truth of this statement.  Even so, we find that many of them are blind to the dysfunction in their own organizations that prevents them from reaching their potential.  In the interconnected world of organizations, rarely is there just one thing that’s to blame.


Strategy-Focused Organizations Thrive In This New World of Financial Services.

Establishing the priority of execution that is communicated and understood throughout your organization helps you ensure timely and effective action to accelerate growth and profitability.

Execution Support

Like traditional consultants, Align consultants provide strategic guidance. But unlike traditional consultants, we stick with you to help you oversee execution, adjusting our plan to ensure you’re successful.

Linking Strategy to Operations Builds Competitive Advantage.

We enable our clients to go “head-to-head” with all of the key players in their markets -- and win -- by giving them access to the right data, tools and expertise at just the right time.

How We Work

We apply a highly-collaborative business planning process that aligns the client organization, drives successful cross-functional teamwork, and effective communication and accountability.


First, Align and your project team will jointly assess your current environment including your external market, your performance in that market and your organization’s competencies in realistic terms.


Then, drawing on our consultants’ extensive experience and functional expertise, Align will develop a strategy and execution roadmap with you complete with implementation tasks, organizational requirements, and milestones.


Lastly, unlike traditional consultants, we stick around to oversee implementation with you, adjusting your plan along the way to assure success.