What is it? And, how does it help?

Executives at the best-run companies understand that marketing is not synonymous with simply advertising and promotions aimed at attracting new customers.

Rather, they view it as what we refer to as Big 'M'arketing.

Beyond preparing an annual marketing plan, they take a deep and objective look at their marketing strategies, organizations, systems and operations on a regular basis.

They continually strive to develop core competencies in the contemporary marketing sciences.

They utilize market segmentation to target their offerings and to prioritize their work. 

They build integrated marketing plans with built-in measurements.

And, they intertwine critical customer-facing functions with proven electronic delivery, customer experience management and inbound marketing technologies and practices.

... fuels a highly effective and efficient sales engine capable of accelerating growth and profitability. 

At Align, we view the role of a company’s marketing and communications function advancing across three stages — evolving from tactical marketing to Big ‘M’arketing.

Today’s CMO is tasked to help determine which direction a company should grow and how to get there. Marketing brings the external market view of customers and competitors to the management team assuring the company and its offerings stay aligned around deliberately selected markets and customers.

The CMO is responsible for keeping the company competitive – not only in the offerings, but in pricing, and in distribution channels, and opportunities for growth.

Today, CMOs have a role in every other executive’s domain, which makes things complicated and organizationally challenging, but very powerful when it works.

We help financial services organizations transform tactical marketing into Big ‘M’arketing.

Fractional CMO

Our FCMOs work on a part-time basis and can help you create long-term growth and in-house marketing competencies over time.

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Fully-Integrated Marketing & Communications

We offer a full array of marketing and communications services across the entire Big 'M'arketing spectrum.

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Market-Based Growth & Profitability Strategy

Whether the challenge is to build an integrated marketing strategy, solve a nagging issue or capitalize on an emerging customer or market opportunity, Align is uniquely qualified to help you.

We help our clients put all the Big ‘M’arketing puzzle pieces together.

Research, Analytics & Insight

Analysis and selection of target markets where sustained competitive advantage is possible. Explore

Strategic Marketing

Development of strategic marketing plans & integration of Big ‘M’arketing practices. Explore

Marketing & Communications

Review all aspects of your marketing and communications function and identify current strengths and opportunities for improvement. Explore

Product Development

Alignment of product and service offerings with the benefits desired by customers and prospects in targeted segments. Explore

Delivery System Optimization

Development of delivery system strategies that integrate and optimize “face-to-face” and “faceless” channels. Explore

Operations & Technology

Our support can range from a comprehensive review of your infrastructure, plans and processes to a highly-focused review of selected areas that you see as trouble spots. Explore