There is a perfect storm brewing.

Slow and cautious won’t work in the face of this storm.  It has too much of a tailwind.  If you don’t position your organization now to effectively compete with the leaders and disruptors, you will find that your growth and profitability challenges will only get worse.

To weather this storm, the folks inside your company must embrace some substantiated notions — and put them into practice.

Market & customer understanding is key to optimizing performance.

Applying market segmentation to gain an understanding of an organization’s market and customer base is key to optimizing performance.

Market Segmentation

Leading financial services companies recognize that in a highly competitive market it’s nearly impossible to build and maintain market share by trying to be “all things to all people.”

They therefore focus on market segments where they have the best opportunity for sustained profitability and long-term competitive advantage.

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Internal capabilities must align with strategy.

It’s very easy to get behind. The needs and characteristics of chosen segments evolve, changes in the environment can happen seemingly over night and organizations can get complacent.


Getting people lined up behind the strategy is required for success.

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Being ready for change is key to an organization’s survival.

Change, in the form of opportunities and risks, will come from every corner of the environment. People change, technologies change, markets change, players change, rules change – everything and anything can change.


Forward-thinking executives recognize the inevitability of change and the need to keep pace with it.

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High-performing financial services leaders have bought in to these ideas, and they are moving their organizations away from yesterday’s business model …

Old Hat

Acting out of habit. Just following the pack.

Time For Change!

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Move to being a forward thinker!

Mass Marketers

Being all things to all people.

Time For Change!

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Move to target marketing.


Offering 'me too' products, services, and delivery options.

Time For Change!

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Move to be an innovator!

Internally Focused

Being insular in your decisions and actions.

Time For Change!

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Move to being customer-centric!


Being satisfied with performance equal to peers.

Time For Change!

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Get all that's available!


Imagining quarterly budget reviews can actually be helpful.

Time For Change!

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Look forward, not backward.

…to today’s profitable growth model.


A Preemptive, Market-Driven, Customer-Centric Approach 

Forward Thinkers

Establishing a distinctive vision that makes sense for their organizations.

Target Marketers

Identifying and going after the market segments where they believe they can win.


Designing their offers to appeal to their highest priority segments.


Managing 'from their customers back.'


Shooting for as much as they are able to deliver.


Looking forward, not backward. Aggressively leading their organizations through the maze of issues confronting the industry.

By applying this contemporary model, we’ve been successful in helping our clients find effective solutions to opportunities and challenges such as:

  • Growth

    We’ve helped our clients outperform competitors in building core deposits, loans and fee-income from consumers and businesses in their markets

  • Competitiveness

    We’ve helped our clients develop sustainable competitive advantages and deep and loyal customer relationships.

  • Productivity

    We’ve helped our clients ensure that organizational resources are focused on achieving their missions and goals.