When you know you need experienced marketing leadership to accelerate growth and profitability, but you're not quite ready to hire a full time CMO.

Fractional CMO

What Do You Want To Accomplish?

We always start by listening. It's critically important that we understand your vision for the business, your strategy, your priorities and and the customer and financial outcomes you're seeking.

What We Do

We handle the gamut of marketing activities that otherwise would be handled by an in-house Big 'M'arketing CMO or Marketing Director.

Have you ever talked with people and known right away that they just “get it” and your ideas immediately begin to feed off of each other?

In our business, we're only as good as the relationships we build.

At Align, we have created a very talented team of smart and experienced people who understand the value of listening and building strong person-to-person relationships.

Our clients tell us that’s what it feels like when they talk to our folks. Clients don’t hire consulting firms. They hire the people who comprise the firm. That’s why we ensure that our teams are staffed with people you’ll find it a pleasure to work with; people who have experience both as action-oriented practitioners and as well-versed consultants.

We know how to get results. We've done it many times before.

Our professionals have on average 25 years of financial services experience and broad, deep and current experience across the entire spectrum of Big 'M'arketing.

An Align fractional CMO is a highly-seasoned marketing professional – with extensive financial services experience.

Your Fractional CMO (FCMO) oversees the full-range of Big ‘M’arketing activities that otherwise would be handled by your in-house CMO. 

Our FCMOs work for you on an as-needed basis and can help you jump start growth and simultaneously build in-house marketing competencies.

What if you could outsource your entire marketing department — and still get the results of having one in-house?


Who needs a fractional CMO?

Every company needs effective marketing to accelerate growth and profitability.  Andy every organization can gain from well-conceived marketing initiatives overseen by experienced marketing professionals.

The problem is financial services-savvy marketing leadership is expensive, and many start-ups and SMEs cannot afford the full-time talent they want and need.

A Fractional CMO is good alternative to hiring a full-time CMO.  You are a good candidate for a Fractional CMO if:

  • You want to get your go-to-market activities underway — and take your time recruiting the right person for the right in-house job.
  • You have in place a legacy marketing team that needs a bit of Big ‘M’arketing level guidance, skills-transference, and / or additional resources.
  • You would like an independent, third-party perspective on your marketing strategy, objectives, priorities and tactics.

How does Align’s Fractional CMO service help?

Our solution is a expedient way to get C-level marketing expertise and resources injected into your company — without you having to incur the costs of a full-time executive addition to your staff.



  • Up-to-date knowledge & skills
  • Instant access to expertise
  • Convenient resources
  • Cost-effective approach
  • Resources pool of experienced financial services consultants
What’s more, you get access to our entire cadre of experienced financial services professionals who bring a market-based / customer-centric perspective to your team, help you formulate strategy, then work collaboratively with you to implement your growth vision.  In other words, we provide the benefits of “executives-as-a-service.”


Our Approach

We apply a highly-collaborative marketing planning and execution process that aligns your organization, drives successful cross-functional teamwork and effective communication and accountability.

Step #1 -- Assess Your Opportunities

Align will review your current external environment -- along with your objectives, strategies, priorities, resources and activities with a view of identifying marketing opportunities.

Marketing Review

With a deep understanding of your internal and external environments, we will be able to determine where to focus our efforts to your greatest advantage.

Click Here to Learn About Our Marketing Review Process

Step #2 -- Focus Your Resources

Based upon the findings of the Marketing Review, we will work with you and your team to create a comprehensive and integrated marketing plan -- addressing both strategic and tactical elements.

Marketing Roadmap

The process provides a living plan -- with the monitoring, measurement and refreshing process in place to make certain that the strategy is effectively implemented and appropriately modified to meet changing conditions.

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Step #3 -- Implement Your Plan

With everything in place, and everyone on the same page, our Fractional CMO will take it from there. We will do the marketing work, manage the process and coordinate resources.

Marketing Execution

Align will assume the role of your Big 'M'arketing CMO -- taking an active role with your leadership team and overseeing the effective execution of your Marketing Roadmap and ensuring the established goals and timetables are achieved.

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Why us? Why us now?

The Fractional CMO service here at Align provides you a fast route to profitable growth. It’s a great way to quickly bump up your leadership team’s bandwidth to:  assess opportunities and threats, set strategies, align your organization, and execute your growth initiatives.

The Job Description

  • Assess market and customer needs
  • Formulate marketing strategies and plans
  • Build integrated sales and marketing systems
  • Identify and remove friction present in your customers’ experience
  • Implement, manage and coordinate marketing initiatives
  • Win more business faster

We’re different from other consultants and advertising agencies.

When you engage us, you’re getting access to an experienced team of financial services professionals with deep marketing and organizational alignment expertise.