Disruption is shaking up the banking game — and bringing with it all sorts of opportunities for innovative companies.

So, we’ve put in place specialized marketing and communications solutions forward-thinking FinTech leaders can swiftly employ to accelerate growth and profitability.

Align’s professionals can help you translate your growth goals into tangible, measurable go-to-market strategies and action plans.

Better yet, we can manage execution too.


Our experience working in and around financial services for 40 years, with early stage, emerging and established financial services institutions and nascent FinTech companies enables us to hit the ground running, provide valuable market insights, and help maximize marketing investments and take advantage of new growth opportunities.

We have a unique perspective on the changes taking place.

  • Being ready for unprecedented change is utmost important to a FinTech organization’s survival
  • Market and customer understanding is fundamental to capturing emerging opportunities
  • Internal marketing capabilities must align with strategy

If you have a vision, Align offers the resources, knowledge and services to make it a reality.

  • Through the combination of our financial services and marketing expertise, Align is uniquely qualified to help forward-thinking leaders make an acute shift in marketing prowess.
  • Our integrated marketing & organizational alignment model optimizes opportunities when they are combined in just the right way.

Why Align?  Why Align now?

Slow and cautious won’t work with the pace of change we’re witnessing today. The disruption storm has too much of a tailwind.  If you don’t position your organization now to effectively compete with the most forward-thinking players, you’ll be viewing your growth and profitability opportunities through your rear-view mirror.

Deep Understanding of Financial Services

On average, our team members have over 25 years of financial services experience; and so, for decades we have been immersed inn the dynamics of the financial services industry.

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“Big M” Marketing Expertise

Our consultants blend the best attributes of innovative strategic marketing advisors and action-oriented marketing managers.  Our skills cover the entire spectrum of the contemporary marketing sciences.

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Resource Pool of Multi-faceted Consultants

We come from a variety of backgrounds with experience in financial services organizations of all sizes. Because of that, we know how things work — and how sometimes, they don’t.

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