Why Us? Why Us Now?

Align is a highly-experienced financial services consulting firm that can be engaged by forward-thinking executives to help them accelerate growth and profitability.

Three Things Make Us Unique

Our People

Align’s consultants blend the best attributes of innovative, strategic advisors and action-oriented managers.

There is no substitute for experience.

Our professionals have the necessary analytical discipline, managerial skills and hands-on experience to deliver fully integrated, practical solutions.

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Our Perspective

Our work is grounded in three big ideas: 1) market and customer understanding is key to optimizing performance; 2) internal capabilities must align with strategy; and 3) being ready for change is key to an organization's survival.

Market-driven and customer-focused principles set the stage.

Align’s clients understand these ideas within the context of their strategies and address them in a way that will work to their advantage (or at least minimize their impact). Then, they build flexibility into everything they do.

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Our Experience

Our consultants have broad and deep experience across the entire spectrum of financial services.

Align's solutions aren't limited by any one company's traditions.

Client engagements throughout the U.S. and international markets have focused on specific trouble spots or areas of opportunity where an informed expert perspective can help our clients reach their goals more quickly.

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Our Story

For over 10 years, Align’s purpose has been to provide financial services executives with a uniquely qualified partner who can assist them in taking advantage of complex growth and profitability opportunities and in addressing the emerging challenges we face as an industry.

Now more than ever, a financial services company’s core competencies must be reexamined in light of escalating competition and changing consumer preferences for service and convenience.  Our approach is to form mutually-beneficial relationships with our clients so that we can help them to develop a deep understanding of their opportunities and threats, focus their resources on where they can be most successful, and to execute their strategies in a disciplined fashion so they can achieve the results they’re seeking.

  • We come from a variety of backgrounds with experience in financial services organizations of all sizes.  We’ve sat in your chairs.  Because of that, we know how things work — and how sometimes they don’t. On average, our team members have over 25 years of banking experience; and so, for decades we have be immersed in the dynamics of the financial services industry.

    We know that without the vast financial resources and manpower larger organizations possess, it can be really tough for executives like yourself to align resources most effectively to achieve the customer and financial outcomes they want.


  • It is in this type of situation that Align thrives as we apply our energy, passion and experience to help community bankers prosper.  We do our best work when our clients consider Align to be part of their management team, and we love helping the “little guys” take on the “big guys” — sort of the David and Goliath story.

    So, in a nutshell, we get it.  And, what’s more, we’re uniquely qualified to help your organization develop a shared understanding of your opportunities and risks, focus your resources on where you’ll get the “biggest bang for the buck,” and execute your strategy to achieve the results you’re after.  And, we’d very much like to help you and your management team respond to the challenges you’re facing – and win!

“Whatever opportunities and risks come your way, our promise to you is that we will be there to help.  You can count on us to do more than walk beside you.  We’ll help you build winning strategies and we’ll support you — and we’ll do it from behind the scenes.  We will continue to align our strategies behind yours and we’ll help you make sure your strategies are aligned with the ever-changing demands of your market.”

— Chuck Bruney, Founder & CEO

Let’s Get In Touch

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